developpement durable

precious for the future

What is precious? A question that has guided Boucheron from the beginning.

Obsessed by progress, we believe in designing a desirable future. A positive and promising future for our people and the communities across our value chain. But also, a resilient future for our planet. Our creations are crafted for eternity, and we want to ensure they are passed down through generations while building a precious tomorrow.

Our sustainability framework, “Precious for the Future”, challenges us to explore new ways to source, operate and create, in harmony with the ecosystem that surrounds us.

“We named it precious for the future, which expresses how we want to build together a more beautiful tomorrow.”

Hélène Poulit-Dusquesne, Chief Executive Officer

our strategy

Discover where our raw materials come from, how we work and who is behind our maison in the categories below:

Raw Materials

Where do they come from? 

raw materials

100% traceability for key raw materials by 2025

How do we work? 


40% reduction of our environmental footprint by 2025

Who is behind our maison?


Reach a 90% inclusion index score by 2025